Patriot Press Podcast: Episode 3


Over the past several weeks, the Patriot Press conducted a survey of 100 of the top 150 students of the 2018-2019 Park View senior class, collecting data on cheating and academic dishonesty within the school. Of those students, 100% admitted to having committed some form of academic dishonesty. 87 out of 100 students confirmed their membership in one of Park View’s honor societies, and 27 out of 87 hold officer positions in those honor societies.

The data and analysis are available in a separate article.

In the third episode of the Patriot Press Podcast, Samuel Gardner sat down with Vice Principal Jennifer Piccolomini to present the results of the survey. As the administrator who deals with honor code violations and affairs of academic dishonesty, Ms. Pic was able to provide an administrative viewpoint on issues of cheating, discussing the current weaknesses in honor code enforcement, the failures of the administration to educate students on the honor code, and the possibility of a solution in the near future.

This new episode is available now on Soundcloud, linked below.