Class of ’26 Loses Homecoming Spirit Stick

Class of 26 Loses Homecoming Spirit Stick

Competition between all four grades rose during the homecoming pep rally due to the sophomores winning the spirit stick at the first pep rally of the 2023-2024 school year. After an hour of standing and screaming, the sophomores were announced the winners for the spirit stick for the homecoming pep rally, making it their second win in a row. The only other time sophomores have won the spirit stick was two years ago. 


“The class of 2021 won, I think during the winter pep rally,” stated SCA sponsor Nicholas Bailey.


As a result of their excitement, many students celebrated by going onto the floor, causing the class officers to be shoved, and the stick was snatched out of their hands.


 “When we were awarded the spirit stick, a group of people jumped off the stands and were cursing at the officers, and one of them got trampled, and another had the stick ripped from her hand,” sophomore sponsor Jessica Monge stated.


After much discussion about the behavior of some sophomores, Park View SCA sponsors Nicholas Bailey and Faith Primus made the decision to have the sophomores forfeit the spirit stick and give it to the juniors. 


All sophomore students that were interviewed felt as if the punishment was fair and getting the stick taken away was better than getting disqualified from future pep rallies. 


SCA members have talked about posting on social media to spread awareness on how to be safe and be well behaved during future pep rallies. 


“We’ll definitely post do’s and don’ts on the Instagram page so people are aware,” SCA member Lency Gomez stated. 

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