Park View Stays Positive After Loss Against Manassas Park Varsity Team


On October 16th, the Park View Patriots lost to the Manassas Park Cougars, with a final score of 46-6. Despite the game being tied early in the second quarter, the Cougars ran away with it in the second half.  

Park View had a difficult time against Manassas Park, but most of the struggles can be attributed to Park View was playing against Manassas Park’s Varsity football team. However, the team did not feel that impacted the game all that much.

“I felt that some of our players felt a little discouraged because of that. Since they’re varsity players they (Park View) had less faith. But honestly, all of our players had the same attitude, that they were going to go in and do their best,” said quarterback Patrick Ryan.

Despite the score, Park View’s offense didn’t play bad. The rushing stats were very deceptive. If you take a look at the yards per carry by run location, when Park View ran to the outside, they did great. When Park View ran up the middle, it was a much different result.

PVvsMP Football

Manassas Park did great in the run game overall, averaging a total of 12 yards per carry, and over 16 yards per carry running to the left. The Cougars had two huge runs of 52 and 49 yards, which brought the average up significantly.

Because of their success running the football, Manassas Park only passed the ball two times, while running the ball 36 times. Park View, on the other hand, passed the ball 17 times and ran the ball 27 times.