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Senior Spotlight – Celeste Edwards


On this week’s edition of Senior Spotlight we interviewed journalist Celeste Edwards about her time here at Park View. 

Q: “How was your time here at Park View?”

A: “My first year in person was my sophomore year, so freshman year was obviously online, and it was okay and I got pretty good grades but it was just obviously not the freshman experience. I’m kind of glad to have skipped that freshman experience. I didn’t want to be bullied.” 

Q: “What teachers would you like to give a thank you to?”

A: “Mr. Andress first of all, I’ve loved his class since sophomore year. He is the one that like broke up some of the stress of being in an advanced math class. I really loved his seminar style and his socratic style. 1984 is just a wonderful book and I loved reading it and I loved being introduced to it in his class. 

Mr. Zangla. I have him this year for both Peer and AP Lit. I love that guy. I mean, he’s chill and he talks to you like an adult. 

Mrs Thomas. She taught me how to take notes so thank goodness for her.”

Q: “How does the idea of your adult life starting make you feel, anything you’re excited about or nervous about?”

A: “Definitely makes me nervous. I have to learn to drive, I have to move into my own place, and I have to share it with a person, and I’m very bad at sharing. It makes me nervous but it makes me excited as well because you feel at the same time I’ve gotta get out of here and you also feel like well what happens if I leave or how do I get through adult life but I definitely do feel like it’s the right time for me.” 

Q: “What advice would you give your freshman self?”

A: “Talk to your teachers more, because they’re adult chill people, most of them, some of them are neurotic, but most of them who are like reasonable people you can just say “Hey I stayed up late you know and I can’t turn in that assignment” and give them a valid reason but like just communicate with them because that’s what they want, that’s all leaders and teachers wants so just communicate with them.”

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